Holding Cell

by Born Wrong

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released October 1, 2013

Recorded live off the floor by Michael Fong and Nathan Vanderweilen June 2013. Mixed by Michael Fong. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound. Artwork By Chris Colohan.



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Born Wrong Hamilton, Ontario

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Track Name: Heretic
no motivation i’ve turned my back my moral compass fuelled by contempt left behind wide eyes are open and bulging refrain oh no not me accept the banishing verdict wont play the victim again
Track Name: Holding Cell
the suit that i rented is covered in blood my teeth are on the sidewalk somewhere and so it began eggshell paint a toilet and sink a concrete slab expected to sleep swollen face crying eyes a new year begins the pain would pass the anger passed the tension set in they pinned me down are you with him well of course i am what did he do and why are you doing this that moments etched inside my head it wasn't the violence or the pain it was the tension eggshell paint a toilet and sink a concrete slab no way i could sleep her swollen face crying eyes where was she now calm right down sit straight up get out of here somehow i broke down and wept what else could i do my macho shit finally waned how could i do this to her detention i wasn't surprised i was ashamed it was tension
Track Name: Destroying The Family
i will leak the address of the school your kids attend stirring moral action well see how well you stand behind it now oh now you want to fucking compromise now you want to see it through a loved one has gone missing nothing you can do what happened to spewing hate out morals choking you there is no ransom they're already dead
Track Name: True Patriot Love
my natures nurtured simply enough i failed to see it for exactly what it was now im left with a permanent reminder of what i could have been i failed but im not done i gave it up for the nation every second it will ring out in your ears prepare yourself i suggest something similar to dont give me that true patriot love shit like i give a fuck expect the worst from everyone around theyve been nurtured as well dont give it up for the nation
Track Name: Loujack Cafe
random and rare slowly crept behind you a sharpened object thrust into your back a eunuch versus sexual sickness and infant inside why fantasize infanticide nothing but order in the courtroom no evident no noble witness random and rare a whipping boy